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Unfortunately and occasionally, you, a loved one, a family member, neighbor or co-worker may be arrested for a criminal violation. This may be a minor charge or a major charge. Sometimes things happen in life that we never expected. We at The Cooper Law Firm understand that these things occur unexpectedly, and are here to help if the need arises. We understand Family values, and understand that in those times of need, you require a skilled representative to assist you.

When a person is charged with a criminal offense, that person is entitled to due process of law. This includes being advised of constitutional rights under the Miranda vs. Arizona U.S. Supreme Court decision, which includes the right to remain silent, which you should do, and the right to an attorney, which you should immediately request.

Once arrested you will be processed, which means your photograph and fingerprints will be taken. Request a lawyer immediately. Say nothing about the alleged criminal incident, because to do so can only work against you, no matter how nice and professional the officer acts. Not that he or she is trying to trick you, but they do in fact work for the other side. You will have a bond hearing first thing the next morning, and will be entitled to post bond. A bond is a specific amount of money that the judge requires for your promise to appear in Court when your trial is scheduled. If you do not have cash or property to place for the bond, you will need the services of a bondsman, who will place a surety bond for your appearance in Court. He or she is risking their money to assure the court that you will be present at your hearing. You will be required, therefore, to pay the bondsman at the jail approximately fifteen (15%) percent of the amount of bond required by the judge. Therefore, if for example the bond is $20,000, you would need to pay the bondsman approximately $3,000 the day of your bond hearing “up front” in order to be released from jail.

Whether arrested for 1st offense DUI, breaking and entering, or grand larceny, you need a legal representative to assist you. Simply stated, it does not matter whether you have been charged with a minor offense or the most major offense imaginable, we can help. You need a skilled representative to assist you, and be by your side through the entire process. After all, your personal rights and freedom are at risk, and dealing with law enforcement, the courts, and the solicitor’s office requires skill most citizens do not possess.

Please feel free to contact us for a free initial interview should the need arise. We look forward to helping you.

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